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At present, the only configuration Admins have over how weeks value are being displayed in cards is either to show the week number format, or the week dates. This is good but is missing many week configurations which I think most people would appreciate.

I would be keen if Domo can enable to following in Admin console:

  1. Set the start and end day of the week.
    Domo defaults the week to start from Sun and ends on Sat. I don't know why they do it like that because the last 4 organizations I've worked at which I've used Domo for, none follows the Sun - Sat week format. So having the customization to set your organization's start and end date is critical.
  2. Set weekly display date to either week commencing or week ending.
    At present, if you choose to display weekly value in dates, it defaults to the start of the week date, basically the Sunday date. As per above, most of the organizations I've worked for reports on Week Ending, so display the end of week's date.

I have been able to use Beast Mode to address the above 2 by using case statement such as:

It does exactly what I needed it to do however it converts it into Text, which also means I cannot use the default Graph By feature on the dashboard page to change the date axis between day, week, month.

So if Domo product team can enable 1 or 2, that would be wonderful.

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