Domo Bricks - Private CDN/Library Uploads as a Premium Feature

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edited August 2023 in Apps Ideas

While I realize the go to answer for app development would be to download the SDK and build apps with VSCode locally, I think there is an opportunity to add a premium feature for those who develop inside Bricks. Not every company allows certain dev tools on local systems and for newer devs, setting up proper local environments can be cumbersome so they might decide to use Bricks for quicker development of smaller apps/components.

When editing a Domo Brick, I think it would be a nice idea if you could click a button in the UI to upload personal JS/CSS files into Domo. Then those JS/CSS files could be imported via standard import statements within the brick editor. This would make developing in Domo Bricks alot cleaner and allow for reuse of libraries across different bricks for more rapid development.

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