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joecanning Domo Employee
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Ability to access Domo embed via Edge requires user intervention for them to "Request cookie access". This is to do with blocking third party cookies.

Users using Safari are unable to login at all preventing their ability to use Domo embed.

Can we speed up the process to enable a cookieless seamless cross browser experience for Domo embed on both Safari and Edge?

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  • ToddVachon

    We have seen a couple of instances with Domo Publish recently where this button appears in Chrome, and clicking it redirects to a blank page with a single button that reads "Close Window". When that happens the user is unable to log in at all, it just becomes a circular loop.

    Changing Chrome settings to allow 3rd party cookies has no affect when this happens. The only workaround we've found is to use another browser.

  • Jones01
    Jones01 Contributor

    In case this helps anyone we have noticed that domo are not using the Storage Access API at the moment when embedding Domo Everywhere. This means the page does not now require the user to click the request cookie access button.

    We have tested this with Edge (Storage Access is on by Default) and Chrome (Storage Access enabled in the flags options)