Drill down based on the line or bar being clicked

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When I click in a graph to drill down, it only filters on the data in the x-axis (date, basically), but I also want to (optionally) include the line/bar being clicked so that drilling down can be even more fun.

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  • It would be great if overall that a Card's Measure can have a defined/override Drill Path. We often have tables with Beast Modes that select different segments of the dataset, but then the drill has to include all values. This is not what users expect. They intuitively expect that the clicking in a cell in a table would show the values that make up the calculation only. We would only be able to get that if a Measure (Beast Mode in our case) could have a different Drill path that the default drill path. Having this would be an awesome feature and would make using Beast Modes all the much better.

    The alternative for us is a big user mind shift from one table to many cards with different drills. We will probably get there, but without having what the user expects, it makes Domo a harder adoption path for our users.