Card instantiation based on card templates

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Current situation: We have a dashboard with cards showing the number of sales in a country. Then for each target country, that cart is duplicated, and its filter was modified to select the specific country and renamed to include that country's name. Now we have a lovely dashboard in which you can quickly discuss the sales for each target country with the sales department.

Problem: when we change something in the card (let's say we don't want a line chart anymore, but a bar chart instead), we have to do it for all of the cards seperately. Or delete all the cards but one, make the changes until satisfied again, and then copy them for all countries. We currently have five countries + the rest of the world in the 6th graph. But we want more countries separated out and that becomes just too much.

Solution: make a base ('template') card that I can inherit all settings from into a new ('inheriting') card which I then add to the dashboard. When I change the base ('template') card, all the inheriting cards update accordingly.

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