Non-Admin Role - Ability to Arrange SubPages in Manage Dashboards Panel

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Currently, the only way to allow users other than admins to move or arrange is by granting them the "Edit Pages" access on their Role. While this will allow users to re-arrange the order of Subpages in their Dashboards side menu via the Manage Dashboards panel, they will also be granted the access to also delete and edit said pages.

As most of our users are utilizing dashboards and sub-pages at a more of a "read/export" only level with the option to adjust date ranges, we do not want to grant them the access to delete or edit pages as many pages are shared across multiple users.

With those same pages being shared, some are more important than others to certain users, and they want them at the top of the dropdown list under a dashboard in the list, or in another order than other users. If we can split the "Edit Pages" permissioning out, to have one for truly "edit pages" (which would be for users close to an admin role/privileges) and one for just the ability to re-arrange the order of Sub-Pages on their own Dashboards Left Menu, that would be very helpful.

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