Auto-Collapse all Subtotal Rows

trafalger Coach
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It would be great if there was an option to auto-collapse all subtotal rows. Sometimes there's so many of them where doing it manually isn't really an option, plus any new rows would appear without being collapsed.

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  • Has anyone responded with this ability? I was wondering the same thing.

  • SeanPT
    SeanPT Contributor

    I felt like I was going crazy not being able to find an option to do this by default.

  • b_rad
    b_rad Contributor

    Can you share a screenshot? I dont understand what you mean.

  • SeanPT
    SeanPT Contributor
  • SeanPT
    SeanPT Contributor

    When new dates come into the data, they aren't collapsed. Ideally they would just be collapsed like you see in the screenshot.