Allow naming of tables in Snowflake with Cloud Amplifier

chrissweeney92 Domo Employee
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Currently when data is added into Snowflake via Domo's cloud amplifier, it is not possible to choose the name of the dataset in Snowflake. It is named as 'DATASET_0001' etc. but it would be better to be given the same name as the dataset in Domo.

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  • LWalker
    LWalker Domo Employee

    While Domo doesn't currently offer this option, there are a few workarounds you can try:

    1. Use a naming convention: One option is to develop a consistent naming convention for your datasets in Domo, so that you can easily identify which datasets correspond to which tables in Snowflake. For example, you could use a prefix or suffix to indicate the Snowflake table name (e.g. "my_dataset_sf_table").
    2. Use a Snowflake task: Another option is to create a Snowflake task that renames the table after it's been created by Domo's cloud amplifier. You could set up a task to run at a regular interval (e.g. daily) that checks for new tables created by Domo and renames them according to your desired naming convention.

    I hope these suggestions are helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!

  • JoshMillheim
    JoshMillheim Domo Product Manager

    Hi all - this issue has been resolved, and when using Domo to create new tables in Snowflake those Snowflake tables will now reflect the name of the DataSet from Domo.