Ability to get to card view from analyzer

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As a power user of Domo who creates many cards
I can have a quick way to get to the normal card view after creating a new card
So I can lock the card, share, export, etc. without having to search for the card I just created

Here is a common scenario for me today:

  1. I create a new card using the “+” ⇒ Card button
  2. After creating the card from a DataSet, I copy the card title while in analyzer
  3. I click “Save and Close”, which drops me back to whatever page I was on, but todes NOT take me to the card I just created.
  4. I then go to the Search (magnifying glass) and paste in the name of the card I created
  5. I then click the link to that card in the search results

There needs to be a way right from analyzer to get directly to card view. Ideas:

A) Add a “Save and View Card” option

B) Have a link to “View Card Outside of Analyzer”. Note: this option should prompt you if you are about to leave the page without having saved.

If there is already a way to do something like this please let me know. Thanks!

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Thanks for sharing your idea! We're currently reviewing it for future enhancements. Stay tuned for updates! 👍


  • TOccon
    TOccon Domo Employee

    @jakejgordon When clicking “Save and Close” it should bring you to the dashboard/page that the card was saved to. (i.e. If saved to overview after selecting “save and Close” it will take you to the overview page. If you select a different page/dashboard then it will reroute you there and place the card in the appendix).

    Saving and viewing would be a great feature though!

  • jakejgordon

    Thanks @TomOccon. I'm noticing that my Overview page is growing out of control and is not a great way for me to find cards anymore. There is some best practice I may not be following, but no matter what, I'd love to be able to get to the card from Analyzer more easily :)