Card Creation - Need a way to see in BeastModes what date range is selected (at card and dashboard)

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I am always trying to find a way to detect what the user has either selected for a date on the card or the dashboard when building my BeastModes. Can Domo not find a way to pass this in as say a Macro or something. And I am saying Macros for both the card and dashboard level date selections

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  • ST_-Superman-_

    What are you expecting the card or dashboard to do with the macro information? @ttronson

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  • ttronson

    I have multiple use cases.

    1. I have datasets that have daily grain to them and when I change the date selectors at the card or page level I want to automatically select either the last day of the range or first day of the range (think selectinig individual dates or things like last week, last month, etc) and show only data for that. We have played with a bunch of FIXED BY stuff to make it work - but it is a challenge to even get that to work.
    2. The other is creating calculations that look at what has been selected by the user for start date, end date, and then having multiple date fields on the dataset that you want to once again try to see what was selected to help in your calculations. Once again I am trying to use FIXED BY to help with this - but it would sure just be easier to have a macro that shows what the user selected