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Currently if you are filtering on a dataset and want to export the dataset based on the filters, I don't believe this is not possible unless you create a card with filters or an ETL. I would like the option to export the data with the filters applied on the dataset view.

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  • MichelleH

    @jdorsch2 You can do this by opening the dataset in Views Explorer. When you export a View, it will only include the rows and columns you choose. Also note that you don't have to save the View to download it, but you can if needed.

  • ArborRose

    Sounds like you are exporting from the dataset rather than viewing it on a card/dashboard. As @MichelleH points out, when you view it the other way the filter is applied.

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  • Thanks for the suggestion, this still seems like unnecessary work and I would almost rather go into analyzer at this point. Also while I may take the time to do this or even know that this is possible a standard business user would never, and would expect to be able to quickly filter and have their filters carry over upon export.