Add dynamic columns in variable dashboards

Anna_Otake Contributor
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If Domo has the option to add dynamic texts in columns, that would be super helpful for variable dashboards. Currently, I have variable buttons of TY, LY, TW, Last 2 Weeks, etc, and Spend 1 and Spend 2 as column titles but if we can have TY Spend and LY Spend and TW Spend, etc. as the column titles, that would be an excellent card for the analysts.

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  • Matt Tannyhill
    Matt Tannyhill Domo Product Manager

    Great feedback Anna! This is a request we've heard from several customers and we do have a potential solution for this in mind, however, I don't have a specific timeline on when we'll be able to release this yet. Thanks for helping us improve Variables!

    Matt Tannyhill

    Domo – Product Manager

    Data Analysis & Visualization

  • Anna_Otake
    Anna_Otake Contributor

    Hi Matt, thank you for your comment and I look forward to when this solution is out to the public!

  • MattGo
    MattGo Member

    This would be extremely helpful for us. Many use cases for this.

  • lzhang

    Would love to have this feature or a workaround. Having variable has been great and make charts dynamic, and would only make sense if the column title is aligned.

  • DK2
    DK2 Member

    This would also be helpful in the following scenario…

    Let's say we have revenue data in a table from the past 10 years by client, by month. If we create a card and use the 'Last…13 month' date range it filters out any clients that do not have revenue in the last 13 months instead of showing them at $0.

    With dynamic column names we could create 13 columns for each of the past 13 months and then set the date range filter to 'All Time' allowing all us to see all clients that have had revenue at any time and how they have done recently.

  • Nidhi_V
    Nidhi_V Member

    Any updates when this feature will be available in Domo? It is very important to update the column title based on the value selected in the variable so there are no gaps in reading the chart properly by users. Also if the X-Axis and Y-axis labels can be dynamically updated based on the variable selection that will be very helpful too!