Add dynamic columns in variable dashboards

If Domo has the option to add dynamic texts in columns, that would be super helpful for variable dashboards. Currently, I have variable buttons of TY, LY, TW, Last 2 Weeks, etc, and Spend 1 and Spend 2 as column titles but if we can have TY Spend and LY Spend and TW Spend, etc. as the column titles, that would be an excellent card for the analysts.

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  • Great feedback Anna! This is a request we've heard from several customers and we do have a potential solution for this in mind, however, I don't have a specific timeline on when we'll be able to release this yet. Thanks for helping us improve Variables!

  • Hi Matt, thank you for your comment and I look forward to when this solution is out to the public!

  • MattGo
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    This would be extremely helpful for us. Many use cases for this.