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Can we get DOMOStats to include some of the additional information available on cards like in the API or CLI?

While DOMOStats is great, there are some key funcionalities it lacks that are already available through the API and CLI and that would be a huge help when it comes to managing the instance. Some of the top of mind things would be:

  • Show when a card is using Fiscal Calendar or not
  • To include information on DrillPath Cards (currently not visible)
  • Show information on how cards are connected via drillpaths
  • Show whether the drillpath is enable to go down to the dataset level

This way it'd be easier to identify which cards might need to be updated to align with company standards.

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  • BCorless
    BCorless Domo Employee

    This is a great idea. I think it would also be helpful to show the state of the dataset (Draft, Disabled, Non-queryable, etc.)

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