Choose What Cards to move to a new dataset

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The functionality to move list of cards from one dataset to another is great, but it would be even better if you could choose exactly what cards you choose to move instead of all or none.

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  • BCorless
    BCorless Domo Employee

    Love this idea

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  • JoshMillheim
    JoshMillheim Domo Product Manager

    @rockchalk629 can you tell me more about your use case? I'd love to know when you would like to move only a small selection of cards, vs move all the cards on the dataset.

  • DataMaven

    YES PLEASE! This is another one I keep meaning to add as an idea!

    @JoshMillheim - This comes up a lot. Here are a couple scenarios I can think of off the top of my head, but there are certainly more. I have spent hours flipping individual cards and chasing beast mode errors.

    Scenario #1 - Sometimes you need to switch to using a new dataset. Rather than taking absolutely everything with you to that new dataset and perpetuating the mess, you want to switch some, makes sure you have what you need, and then deleted the old dataset (which also takes out the trash).

    Scenario #2 - You want the same cards for another dataset, so you duplicate all of those cards, and then need to switch them over to the new dataset. You only want to switch over the duplicates.

    In addition, the warnings when you do flip cards from one dataset to another are so broad and often incorrect that you have to either not do it that way or cross your fingers and hope. This gets especially rough when a mismatched field name is a filter or a sort on the card, since these just get dropped, rather than prompted like the chart fields do.

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