Ability to see/edit the process steps in a dataview

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I've run into an issue where I need to update an older dataview or fix an error, but I can't get to the process step to fix it because it was done before a GroupBy aggregation step was done. When I tried to roll the dataflow history back to a point wher I should be able to see it I only get an error. Support wasn't able to give me a list of what process steps were done, and told me to just rebuild it. The problem is that I can't do that without knowing what process steps were used because I didn't build it and no documentation on it was written up for me to look at later.

For those who haven't seen this, if you build a dataflow and process the data with filters, column name changes, BeastMode calculated fields, or anything else and then do a GroupBy aggregation, you will no longer be able to see or edit those process steps done before the GroupBy aggegation.

So, my request is to have a tool added to the Data view that would allow us to at least see the process steps that are executed in the dataview, the ability to edit that would be a bonus. Even if it's just a look at the SQL query that is used to generate the dataview output. That would be helpful in rebuilding or analyzing someone elses work, or your own work from years back that you don't remember how you built it.

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