Card Alerts - Option to Include Page URL (Gmail Users)

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With Gmail users, URLs included in the alert message are not converted to a hyperlink because Gmail uses <href> tag to identify if it is a link or not, while Outlook can identify the link with a <p> tag.

For example if the message body is:

"Product Titan costs for 2 customers spiked compared to their 30 day average.

Please view the Product Titan Customer Cost Dashboard for more detail."

Our Gmail client shows the message body as an image, so the URL is a hyperlinked, and cannot even be copy/pasted unfortunately.

The URL text at the end of the message links directly to the dashboard page that I want to drive the stakeholder to so they can investigate the issue further - not the card linked in the "View Alert" button because that doesn't contain enough context.

Alternatively, if there isn't a way to allow Gmail clients to engage with the URL due to security concerns with the <href> tag, then enabling the alert to direct to a page as well would be useful to. This would be good for our exec stakeholders so that they are taken directly to the context they need to understand the issue and don't want to click around.

Thanks and let me know if there is any additional info that may help.


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