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Adding a component to display/hide cards based on a toggle to open or close would be very helpful. We have several teams that like to view the same data in a different chart format and it would be nice to be able to stack all the charts but have only one main display and then they can use the toggle to open the additional chart(s) so the page isn't as long, but multiple dashboards to have to be created to accommodate everyone's preferences. Similar to the way websites work with "view more" or the Title with a + next to it and it expands when you click.

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  • AnwarBham
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    This can be done Via DDX .

    you need to make the card into an embedded card via the shared icon. get the URL . place into a ddx HTML with your styling

    and use the JS call

    domo.onFiltersUpdate(Data); to traverse through the filters on your dataset

    ie data[0].column == 'myfilter' then check the values

    data[0].values = 'myvalues'

    and use javascript to set the css to display:none or block. of the iframe or Div.

    ahh one more thing make sure the dataset you load in the DDX has the same column to filter as data[0].column == 'myfilter' .

    we do this when we want to hide charts due to no data in the time period, or under construction etc .

    Like always you have to get creative with DOMO due to lack of features