Option to disable/enable Default Drill Down for full Instance

Shailesh Member

In any Domo instance, the Drill Down to Final Data grid view option for all cards is currently enabled by DEFAULT and developers have to individually select each card, then Edit Drill Path to disable it by checking Prevent drilling to final data grid view.

However, the instance dealing with PII/PHI/confidential data demands that drill-down should be enabled only if required as a deliberate choice and not enabled by default as developers miss out disabling for each card.

So an option to disable/enable the Default Drill Down for full Instance in the Admin's configuration setting of the Instance would assist to maintain security aspects while leveraging this wonderful feature. Further deliberations can be done if this change in settings will affect the existing cards also or only the new ones being created after the new configuration is done. 

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  • fthasim

    Agree. This will give more flexibility while leveraging the drill down feature