Certification Process Updates

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I have a range of feedback to Domo to improve their certification process:

  1. Don't attach the Certification blue checkmark to the title of the card. There are times that we don't use the title of the card in our dashboards to make it more aesthetically pleasing.
    1. It would be great if we can choose the color of the checkmark as well so it doesn't clash with our brand colors (we are using brand kit) that we have.
  2. Give us the ability to monitor all of the certification happenings in Domo Governance Connector or DomoStats
  3. Give the option to have certifications on datasets expire on ANY change to the dataflow containing the certified datasets instead of just dataset schema changes. There are times where our schema on our certified dataset doesn't change and YET the dataflow changes to it still made the data "un-certified"
    1. Right now, we consider the certification process "half-baked" because of this. We have had to create very custom datasets in order to mitigate this risk. Our dataflow let's us know if there have been any certification dataset that have had dataflow changes. We then have to go manually expire those certifications.
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