Saving tab when the session times out


Whenever someone has a few Domo tabs open, and all of these tabs are timed-out, they display the same message 'You session has time-out, please log in again" or a similar wording. The thing is, after the person logs in again, it goes back to the last active tab, for all tabs.

For example, if someone had opened

Dashboard 1 in tab 1

Dashboard 2 in tab 2

and Card 1 in tab 3

and their last action was on Card1, then after reloading the three tabs individually, it would lead them to Card 1 on tab 1, tab 2 and tab 3.

You can imagine that this is not very user-friendly. Is there a way to fix that so that at least, the tabs that are refreshed would show the last content active on their own tab, so continuing with my example above, to get back to Dashboard 1 in tab 1, Dashboard 2 in tab 2 and Card 1 in tab 3?

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  • erikjamesmason

    this is so challenging to get around and find my workflow again. this would be a great improvement