Table card subtotals - allow blank labels

I often use subtotals in mega tables/pivot tables to group child rows together, regardless if I'm aggregating totals or not. I've found that being able to suppress the subtotal label text (e.g., "TOTAL") would make the tables look much cleaner.

I don't see a way to complete omit the label so I usually put some small character in the property, but it still looks a little cluttered.

It would be great to have an option to omit the label altogether and just show the value of the column being grouped in the subtotal without any label.

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  • I have similar problem, it would be good to hid label if "Show Subtotal Rows " is not selected

  • I would probably suggest a pipe | instead of a dash because that looks like a negative sign

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  • dcapslock
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    Empty characters to the rescue. Copy and paste from - I use manual copy method. Works a treat for any labels including rows and measures. Tidies up a pivot table nicely when the rows our self explanatory etc. Would be nice for this to be an inbuilt feature. (Note to readers not familiar with this, spaces get gobbled away and not persisted so a single space is not the answer).