Additional Date Filters and Conditions

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It would be helpful if there were additional date filters and conditions available to select.

For example, we have reports for previous day shipments which works great Tuesday - Friday. However on Monday that report is blank because no shipment transactions were completed on Sunday. It would be great if there was a toggle feature for "Previous Business Day" where Monday would pull Friday's report. Or if there was an option to consolidate Fri, Sat, and Sun to be included in the Previous selection as we sometimes run on weekends.

Another nice toggle to add to date conditions is the option to "Include Today". Depending on the card / report we want the last 10 completed days. The partial information from current day creates noise. We have gotten around this by creating beast modes to exclude current day and going back 11 days... but that can get complicated. Same thing goes for Week To Date, week to date for completed days.

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