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SINGLE VALUE CARDS ARE LIKE PISTACHIOS -- nobody stops with just one of them. Let's go!

You're planning a super soft party for your friend the other dayyyy:

So you decide to make a dashboard describing all the super soft items you're going to need for your friend that's so soft he makes ten-ply toilet paper look like a belt sander.

Now, these details are very important so a table won't do. It needs to be flashy, it needs to pop... so you create a few cards....

Agh, not only are the cards values different sizes, but they also load individually so they are far less performance than a table displaying the same data. That just won't do, the devil is in the details on this party.

If I change it to a table it loads faster than 5 cards but it doesn't have the flare I'm looking for.

Also, what if I wanted a four box -- with a summary chart next to it? It's still a little clunky. I'd prefer 2 cards, rather than 5 cards.

I'd love to be able to drop multiple values into one card and have an option to display the values in a Horizontal, Vertical, and Grid manner. Something like this:

I'd also like for these cards to be as performant as one card / table vs the challenge with multiple cards where each is calculated individually and it drags performance.

If this functionality existed then my maniacal plans for a super soft party for my buddy would be a rousing success.

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    @G_Grey There may be a way if you start concatenating a bunch of those values within a BeastMode, or by creating a custom app, but I love the idea of making this a chart type available in the base platform.

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