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I would like to put forward a proposal for Domo team to enable row or position numbering in Table card. This is extremely helpful in group discussion where one can just refer to a particular row number in the table for which is being referenced.

The numbering also needs to be dynamic and remain in the ascending order all the time regardless of any filter and sorting which are being applied in real-time to the Table card.

There is currently two options but none of which can work in our use case, it's as below and I will explain why it doesn't work for us:

1) Add row numbering in ETL - this will permanently add row numbers into the dataset itself but as your datasets starts to grow into the hundreds of thousands of row the number will just keep growing. So in your table even if you've applied filter to bring down the total row in the table to say 10 rows, instead of showing Row no. 1 to 10, the row number column will show the row count stamp in the dataset, so if the tenth row in the table is a millionth record in the dataset it will show 1,000,000 in the row number column, which this definitely don't work

2) Rank beastmode, this formula work but only to a certain degree as you would need to add a sorting order in the formula itself. However when a user do a sort in the Table itself it will override the row numbering in the Table itself which can cause random row number order in the table view

The only real option right now in Domo is to use a Sumo table, as this will always show the row/position number what is on your table, however there are restrictions in the UX of a Sumo Table.

All I am asking for is to have an option within the Chart Properties to enable row/position numbering for Table cards, and for the numbering to always be ascending regardless or what is being filtered or sorted in the table.

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