Fiscal Calendar use with Federated Datasets

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We are building the same Dashboard for both our clients and our own internal sales teams that use the same datasets (labor, sales etc.) The clients and our internal teams each have separate sub instances, and we would like to publish the same pages to both instances but apply a different fiscal calendar to each.

As we are pushing the pages and datasets from our MAIN instance to the Client and Internal Instances, we are not able to apply fiscal calendars because of the limitation with federated datasets. We do not want to have to duplicate and maintain multiple different datasets in each instance just to apply the fiscal calendar.

Can we get a solution that allows us to use fiscal calendars in different instances using federated datasets that are hosted in the main instance?

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    @apurkhardt Hi, we currently have this functionality enabled on our sub instances. Each of our sub instances has different fiscal years loaded into them. We publish cards with the fiscal option selected and this is also published to the sub instance.

    Hope that made sense!