'Description' to be added in DomoStats Activity Logs

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The 'Description' of every event is available in list of Activity when accessed through Admin Page but the column 'Description' is not available in the dataset of Activity Logs coming from DomoStats. Though logs have some details of certain activities but not for all and not as good as given in 'Description'. So one ends up analyzing certain events (eg Update Email, Whitelist IP, add Phone Number etc) first in Logs and then search for same event in Activity in Admin Page which in isolation is not as user friendly as dataset & cards of Activity Logs.

So, it takes lot of time to put the two pieces of information together as they are to be used little differently. We are experiencing this shortfall while doing number of analysis as Admins.

It is recommended to add the 'Description' column in the Activity logs of DomoStats or provide a method to combine the information available in both places.

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