Domo should give an option to manage abbrevation of Billions, Millions,,K

The below logic should be default handled by domo for every no field.


WHEN `Choose Metric` = '$ Sales' and LENGTH(Round(Sum(`sales_12w`)))>=9 THEN Concat (Round(Sum(`sales_12w`)/1000000000,2),'B')

  WHEN `Choose Metric` = '$ Sales' and LENGTH(Round(Sum(`sales_12w`)))>=6 THEN Concat (Round(Sum(`sales_12w`)/1000000,2),'M')

  WHEN `Choose Metric` = '$ Sales' and LENGTH(Round(Sum(`sales_12w`)))>=3 THEN Concat (Round(Sum(`sales_12w`)/1000,2),'K')




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  • G_Grey
    G_Grey Contributor

    You might know about this already but in several visualizations there's a 'scale abbreviation' option that does what you're describing. It's not always available for all numbers in all visuals all the time, but it might help you in a pinch.