Dashboard Descriptions

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I'd like the ability to add Descriptions to Dashboards and for that Description to be available in our Domo Governance Data

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  • user08845
    user08845 Contributor

    In addition to Descriptions, it may also be useful to add Tags to Dashboards.

  • erikjamesmason

    basically, just add whatever metadata we can get please!

  • user026475

    I agree with the above users that additional metadata about dashboards could be useful -- is this a possibility within Domo for the near future?

  • afranklin

    It's been a while since this was posted, does anyone know if it's in progress?

    I've inherited a lot of pages that users don't know about, and I need a way to explain each page's purpose and what it contains. I COULD use text cards, or create a webform or something similar, but it would be far better if I could add that description to the page. That way, I can have it appear on the page itself AND pull it from the governance tables for use in a data catalogue without worrying about whether my text card/webform is current.