Dashboard Headers and Dr.Phil


Alright, picture this -- you're asked to design a super exciting dashboard for planning your bestie's party... more on that in a later post. foreshadowing... and you notice your title is in Gray and is washed out...

That's okay... you can always change it to whitteee..... oh... oh man, that doesn't look good... this one's going to make me bust out the disappointed Dr. Phil! No one disappoints Dr. Phil, if they do they get sent to the ranch... just watch the next scene is always my favorite.

I suppose there is a work around -- you could always use a text box instead

Oh my.... what have I done? The chaos! I just wanted to plan parties!

Takeaways for avoiding Dr.Phil:

-Please add the ability to select more colors for headers and add backgrounds to them

-Please add opacity to card backgrounds

-Please add an option to hide the scroll bar on text boxes and remove the floating line break that appears when you make text boxes small

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