Send postMessage event when user does not have access to embedded dashboard


Currently, when a user attempts to access an embedded dashboard that they do not have access to, DOMO presents the message "Sorry. This content is no longer available." in the embedded Iframe. From what I can tell, there is no way to capture this and provide a custom message to the user with perhaps more information or a course of action.

This DOMO article provides a way of dynamically resizing an Iframe based on the height of the returned dashboard by way of a postMessage back to the browser. What would be great, is if DOMO can also post a message (or event) back to the browser which we can detect in a similar fashion, so we can capture this and use an event handler to provide some custom feedback to the user (eg: a modal window or an overlay with message) as to why they cannot access the dashboard.

Perhaps instead of returning (as per the article) DOMO can return with an error message which we can either use or detect and provide and alternate message.

Hope that makes sense but let me know if you need clarification. Thanks!!

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