Scale Abbreviation Where Art Thou!?

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-On 'table' visualization, there's no scale abbreviation option, my KPI that has a 40 bazillion number has to show all the zeros it look bananas.

(actual screen shot of chart)

-On stacked bar / symbol charts, totals don't have scale abbreviation, but the rest of the chart does... So then my users ask why the total number looks different from all the other numbers and I tell them the truth.... the button to do that was abducted by aliens that are obsessed with summarizing numbers concisely.

-On 'Group and Stacked Bar' there is no way to display a total for each bars... but if there were a way to do that, then it would be super fly if I could yeet the number on the visual with a scale abbreviation button.

These are some elements that make my users sad panda, if the elements were added then I would have way less sad pandas in my life, they're large animals and take up a lot of space. What do I do about all these pandas? Call DOMO support, obviously, as one does.

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