Reusable "drill path"/cards

This request was previously submitted and the support team has instructed me to submit it again:

A common layout for us is to have one dataset with maybe 8-10 cards built on it shared on a single page. We want our users to be able to drill down in those cards and to eventually reach a "base table" that does NOT include all columns of the underlying dataset.

This means that each drill path has to be created and maintained separately for each card currently. It would be better if we could use an existing card as part of a drill path, or at least reuse the drill path view created with one card with the remaining cards so that the work of building and maintaining this doesn't get multiplied by the number of cards.

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  • I would love to be able to Save a Drill path to a Dataset (and give it a decent, descriptive name) so that when I go to create a drill path for a report, I could choose from an existing drill path.