Add Dual SSO login Options on Domo Login Page

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The Domo Support article 'Understanding and Configuring Domo SSO using SAML' clearly mentions that "Both SAML and OIDC Connect can run at the same time. This makes it easy to segment internal and external users". While OIDC could be configured successfully after SAML SSO at the back-end but it could be tested only by making OIDC as 'Default' for Sign-in. This is because the Domo Login Page presents only one option to do SSO 'SIGN IN' which could be either configured for SAML or OIDC at any given time at the front-end (it was already configured for SAML in our case). The other option of DSO has to continue.

However, to support the back-end successful configurations of dual SSO as per the article, there is a need to present two options of SSO 'SIGN IN' in the Domo Login Page at the front end also for SAML as well as OIDC along with existing DSO option.

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