"Include a spreadsheet" with scheduled reports unpivots any pivot tables. Idea: It shouldn't.

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Scheduled reports with spreadsheet attachments are incorrectly unpivoting any pivot table data.

I have a card using the Pivot Table report format. If I use the share/export button to download this report as a CSV or xlsx document, it correctly downloads the report in the pivoted format. In this case, that means each person has one row of data and they have three columns of weekly totals indicating hours worked over the last 3 weeks.

In contrast, if I send the card as a report or scheduled report with a spreadsheet attached, the data UNPIVOTS: each person now has up to three rows of data, one row per week. I assume this is unintended but support has told me it's not a bug. If I wanted to report data in an unpivoted format, I could build the Card in that style. So the scheduled report should use the same pivoted style that I designed the card with.

For scheduled reports with attachments, please attach data in the same, pivoted format as the pivot table card, which is the same format that the export button uses. It's undesirable to have this unpivot our reports.

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