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We are liking the Domo Powerpoint plugin as we can continue to use our Company colours, fonts etc. The issue we have is that each metric has 'Powered by Domo' on the bottom right, as we have quite a few metrics on some slides this becomes overkill for the presentation.

Would it be possible to have a feature to enable/disable this? We don't think it's necessary to have Powered by Domo on every single metric.

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  • tracy_gamlin

    in the Domo ppt plugin documentation they note that you can have an option to disable this - but it's a part of a contract, apparently. totally agree it seems like overkill - and we're just covering the logo in the output slides with white boxes as a workaround. not ideal, of course, but you set it up once and it works as long as you refresh those cards.

    does seem silly to have to do that, and i do think one watermark per page or something would be more agreeable.