Pivot Table Total Column Position

Pivot Table cards have the option to change the Total Row position, but not the Total Column. It would be helpful to be able to move the Total Column to the left ("Before") since users often have to scroll to the right to see the grand total.

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  • Jones01
    Jones01 Contributor

    agree. Being able to also choose which columns you want as total columns would be useful.

  • JoshuaBarker
    JoshuaBarker Domo Employee


  • Completely agreed, we have pivot tables which has extended beyond the screen width view port, so users keep missing the total column as it is on the far right and currently no option to position it before (left) like you can on rows total.

  • Vinay_Jain_
    Vinay_Jain_ Member
    edited July 4

    Yes and also the ability to completely hide few selective total column fields.