Add option for warning when Limit Rows field is exceeded.

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If a card's data exceeds the default number of rows, it displays a warning, "WARNING! Not all of the data is shown."

It's now possible to use the Limit Rows field in the Analyzer to increase the number of rows a card can display from the default 25k, but if this manual limit is exceeded there is no longer a warning on the card itself that the data displayed is truncated.

More detail: If the Limit Rows field is used to increase the default limit, it helpfully displays a warning (while in the Analyzer) if the data is being truncated, "There is more data than the specified limit". However, the card itself (outside of Analyzer) does not display a warning.

If you were to set a limit in excess of the number of rows you currently have, but the number of rows increases over time to exceed the limit, in theory the card would not indicate that the data was being truncated (unless you open it in Analyzer).

My suggestion is to add an option to display the "Not all of the data is shown" warning if this were to be the case.

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