Being able to use 2 datasets (or more) for 1 card

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It would be great if we could make some cross-datasets calculations. For example, dividing Dataset1 - Column A with Dataset2 - Column X. This, even though the two datasets have no keys in common and cannot be joined.

It could also be done via beast mode, like Dataset1- beastmode A * Dataset2 - beastmode B, something like that.

The function we would need for a use-case is actually:

[Count rows dataset A] / [Count rows dataset X]

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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  • BenSchein
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    @EmmaH wouldn't you need some relationship between the 2 datasets to combine them? I often use Magic to stack similar but different datasets together. That could be a good option here as well.

  • If you are wanting to add and subtract columns, it sounds like you do want to join the datasets based on the row numbers of each dataset. This seems more appropriate for ETL than within the card building

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