Pivot Table Subtotal Control

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If your column is doing a beast mode based on the individual line level in a pivot table the subtotal will follow that rule (i.e. if you are using max() in a beast mode).

It would be helpful to have a subtotal or total override if it's the case that you don't want subtotals to adhere to beastmode logic. i.e. you want the subtotal to be a sum of the max() number.

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  • RobynLinden

    YES - this can be super frustrating. I've had to exclude columns from subtotaling because the beast mode aggregation isn't appropriate for the subtotal aggregation!

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  • MichelleH

    Agreed! I'd also add a couple requests to your idea, specifically for Pivot Table cards:

    1. Option to disable subtotals for individual value fields, similar to how it works for fields in Mega Tables
    2. Option to disable subtotals for individual row/column fields. Currently subtotals are available for all rows or all columns, but cards can become very messy for when they have many row fields that each have their own subtotals.