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GrantSmith Coach
edited December 2023 in Dashboard Ideas

Sometimes I'd like to have my filters on the side of the page and would like them to stay in place and allow the user to scroll through the graphs to the right or left of my filter column. Currently it'll scroll the filter cards off the screen causing the user to have to go up and down on the page to apply the filters. Can we get the ability to freeze a pane similar to how Excel functions with freezing panes?

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Thank you for submitting this idea. We currently do not have this on our roadmap but will take a look at this as a future enhancement!


  • TC111

    Would love this feature including the option to freeze the filters at the top and bottom if required

  • stasia

    Yes please! That is one feature that Power BI has on the side, and our data partners using this feature against us - domo believers!

  • G_Grey
    G_Grey Contributor

    Love this idea it would be super powerful. I often find myself debating where to put filters on my dashboard or even if I want to create multiple filters of the same type for my users experience.

    Freeze panes on key cards general would be a nice to have (not just filters), if I had a few 'master cards' that could always present at the top of the dashboard for users to eyeball as they go through/interact with the dashboard's journey it would be super useful. It would be a part of most of my dashboards I think.

  • user02961

    So many of our clients have Domo in the first place to aggregate all of their business units into a single pane of glass. Most , if not all, of their metrics are being configured with slicers and push-button filters by division, location, or business unit. Having that filter card stay in place on the side of the page or at the top of the page would make for such a clean look and experience for them. Strong upvote for this one!