Some negative impacts of the new feature merged beastmode

Hi all,

Recently there is a newly added Domo feature where the 'Merged from datasource..." beast modes will be created when cards that are using the beast modes are moved to a new DataSet.

But we found that this new feature has an effect on the previous data source as well : domo will rename all the beastmodes merged previously (as "name + merged from xxxx") even if we have already adapted their name before and generated automatically another beastmode with the origin name... I understand that this feature allows the future merged cards to still render without errors, but it does make it more difficult from a governance standpoint for the previous merged cards.

As far as I know, we don't have a way to avoid this behavior, so we have to archive/rename all the beastmodes affected as necessary. But we really wish there will have an option to disable this behavior because il will cause us to waste time in some cases.

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