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Sorry in advance if this is already a thing but I haven't been able to find it.

As a new user to SQL, I understand the very basics. Beast mode provides a really simple and easy way to apply some of what I know and quickly help with new calculations.

My issue, and where the idea comes in, is that I don't know where to go to quickly find really good examples of beast modes that could be applied to what I am doing.

Maybe a new section within Dojo where I could filter by 'Beast Mode Examples' and people can share ways they have created beast modes and help the newer parts of the community gain knowledge more efficiently. Being able to upload videos and talk about the how and why each part of the syntax was used would be extremely insightful and would really solidify beast mode creation.

The inspiration for this came from the video showing how to bucket days of the week in the beast mode section of the 3 major domo courses I have taken. This was extremely helpful and because of the depth of information and explanation, I have been able to use this 'bucket' multiple times already.

If this helps, feel free to agree, accept or awesome it!

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  • @damen - not a bad idea. Maybe a special section for content creators to link their channels and/or videos. If you are looking for some good content on Domo and how to manipulate data with the tools Domo provides, then you want to check out @jaeW_at_Onyx and his youtube channel:

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  • @damen beast modes are built using functions with MySQL syntax. so basically any question you have you can just google the search phrase + sql and you should get there.

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  • DOMO_Dan

    Agreed. I think this is an area where DOMO can improve. Data Science languages like R and Python have a look up feature that shows you tons of info about each function to help you use it. While DOMO provides some of this, where they fall short in the function documentation area is with examples and sometimes a clear demonstration of syntax. Not everyone has another resource to lean on so getting up and running can be a challenge at times.