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It would be good to have a "Select All Columns" option for the remove duplicates tile in magic

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  • @Godiepi that's a pretty obscure use case that you'd expect full-on row duplication.

    you could use MD5() hashing to concatenate all the values together and then use a RowNumber + rank_window tile then filter where rownumber = 1

    this is a classic way of handling identifying slowly changing dimension rows.

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  • Billobi
    Billobi Contributor

    I'd love to see a "select all" option in the remove duplicates tile, sort of like the same button on Select Columns where it loads up all the fields but then you can go back still and remove the ones you don't need or care about.

    I see plenty of cases where there's a junky input (wonky APIs, spreadsheets uploaded directly from hell with way to many columns, etc.) that needs a quick/easy button to cleanup/massage things before starting to explore the rows.

    The downside is it could easily pick up a null column and with existing behavior, return a zero row output. Bonus feature if the dedupe could skip null columns from inspection.

  • I think this would be a good addition, even if it's just to speed up the adding of many columns to the tile. Instead of clicking individually 18 out of 20 rows, you could "select all" then remove the 2 you didn't want.