Add A Tile To The Dataset Overview That Shows The Dataset Views That use This Dataset

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In the highlighted areas include the dataset views that use this dataset. In the "Direct Impact" section add the count of dataset views. Also add a new tile that that shows the dataset views that are created and gives the option to create a new one. This should be similar to the tile for DataFlows.

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  • revidium
    revidium Member

    This seems like an obvious miss. You could also just add it to the "Dataflows Created" tile calling it "dataflows and views created"

  • JasonAltenburg

    I just tested this. Views will currently populate with Dataset count in the Direct Impact section. I had a dataset with no downstream, created a view, and it ticked up to 1 dataset.

    It would be visually helpful to see as a separate icon in that list. A "create view" button/tile isn't a bad idea either, to keep them visually distinct from Dataflows and downstream datasets.