DataSet of Card Interaction Configuration Details


Unless it already exists, I'd like a Domo Governance DataSet (or similar) that contains the interaction relationship for Image/Notebook/Text-Box Cards (on Pages) to be able to identify the linked Domo Objects or external URL.

 e.g. We have some Pages (Dashboards) that only contain Image Cards that, when clicked (configured in the Card's interaction settings on the Page), redirect the user to either:

  • a Domo object; or
  • a Website (URL)

I'd like capability to identify the Domo Objects to which the Card interaction is linked, to then identify any powered Cards and their DataSets.

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  • i wonder if you could get that from the layouts API.

    just edit your dashboard, right click and enable monitor network traffic in your browser, then save your dashboard, search for layouts in the resulting list of API calls, I'll be the type of interaction is captured in there somewhere.

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