FISCAL calendar period over period comparison to previous years



On the POP charts with a FISCAL year configured for the instance the logic for comparing to previous years works by matching on the week and year number. e.g. Week 5 of 2022 compares to week 5 in 2021 and 2019.

Our customers don't compare like this. They prefer to just compare 1 FISCAL year ago so the logic would be Week 5 - 364 days for 2021 and Week 5 - 364-364 days for 2020

Due to the 53 week being present in some years the comparison week can be different between the two ways above.

The benefit of doing -364 is it will always compare week 53 to the previous year. Currently domo won't compare week 53 to anything so on yearly comparisons you can end up comparing 53 weeks against 52 and if last week happens to be a 53rd week it also won't compare to anything.

Being able to choose this logic would be great even if via a support request.

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  • build a fiscal calendar where for each day you assign the week the date belongs to.

    if you can imagine, every company would have a slightly different take on what the week number should be, so having an artifact in a table

    1) guarantees that you can see it

    2) creates a column you can filter any dataset with.

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