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As a Domo Admin, I need a way to use governance data to build a URL that links to a beast mode so that anyone using the card with the link can quickly access the screen to edit the beast mode.

Unfortunately, the Beast Mode ID in the URL doesn't match the calculation ID in the governance reports.

If I'm writing acceptance criteria, I'd say:

  1. Beast Mode ID (as shown in the URL) is added to the Beast Mode governance reports.
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Recommended Workaround · Last Updated

Recommended that you use the DomoStats Beast Modes report to get the Beast Mode ID


  • @Mychele you want ... everyone to be able to edit the beast mode? or you just want them to see the definition?

    b/c you can accomplish "seeing the calculation" with domo_governance + BeastModes report.

    if you were building a card, that could be accomplished with pfilters.

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