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Customers with hundreds of datasets would benefit from a hierarchical folder system to organize and categorize their datasets.

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  • 100% supportive, this is something I have been asking for many years now. The current tagging option can only do so much in terms of datasets organizations. For example, each of our clients have over 20 different datasets and we have hundreds of clients, so you can imagine how many datasets are currently in the lists and tags have to be constantly maintained.

  • i hear what you're saying, but tagging a dataset is the same number of clicks as moving something into a different folder...

    in many ways tagging structures are more powerful than folders because a dataset could be attributed to multiple tags (whereas a dataset couldn't live in multiple folders).

    why not just use Tags + the Preset filter option?

    for more sophisticated use cases Domo is seeing more customers adopt using multiple instances of Domo to segment data, but of course there's additional cost associated with this approach.

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