Indicator on dashboards to visually show user that a card is new/has been updated

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Often times users miss updates on pre-existing dashboards or they do not realize a new card was added entirely. I would love a way to configure a "pop-up" message that a user must click out of the next time they log in (similar to how DOMO pushes new features available). Within the message I would like to be able to give minor detail about changes and which cards they apply to.

Additionally, it would be great if there was some type of indicator we could apply to cards that are new or update, right on the dash itself. Maybe outline the card in green with a "NEW" or "UPDATED" icon. Once a user mouses over that area of the dash, the indicator will go away on their next view of the dash.

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  • you could build a table card from domo_governance_pages report that accumulates history and captures last_updated_date over time. So if a card didn't previously exist or was updated since the last report run, you could build in logic for a flag and how it gets displayed / alerted in the card.

    but yes... it's a shame that you currently have to do so many mental gymnastics for something we expect from all software (facebook notifications, our banking systems, etc.)

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