Domo Knowledge Base (KB) Dataset as Domo Stats


It would be ideal if Domo had a DomoStats or DomoDimensions dataset that listed out each KB in the knowledgebase as a URL, tagged the product feature covered, and included a 'last_modified' date.

Extra ideal would be if the dataset included an HTML text version of the document and a Markdown version of the document in case we wanted to embed the content in a whitelabeled KB site for our customers.

My organization is using Domo Publish to distribute Domo to thousands of external customers but we are hyperfocused on the whitelabel experience AND want to minimize the risk that our customers will see references to domo features that they don't have access to in their subscriber instance (ex the data center).

Another use case - we know which features are enabled in specific instances of Domo, so we want to push the accompanying KB article onto the Welcome page so customers know how to use the features they have deployed to them.

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